LG Chem hosts “Zemiglo” symposium with Korean professorsPlans to strengthen Korean diabetes medicine status by visiting export countries

주식 : LG Chem, a leader in diabetes medicine, elevated awareness of Korean diabetes treatment during a symposium held at the Philippine College of Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism conference. Collaborating with Korean endocrinologists, LG Chem shared insights into diabetes treatment and management, with a spotlight on their innovative drug, Zemiglo.

ai주식/주식ai : Korean professors, serving as keynote speakers, outlined tailored treatment options for young diabetic patients and highlighted Zemiglo's clinical advantages to over 250 Filipino endocrinologists. They addressed the rising prevalence of adult diabetic patients under 40 in the Philippines and advocated for proactive initial combination therapy with Zemiglo and metformin over sequential monotherapy. Moreover, they underscored the efficacy of Zemimet, a combination drug, based on extensive clinical trials showcasing stable blood glucose levels and minimal dose adjustments, even for patients with kidney impairment.